Hack Your Menial Tasks

Over the past few years, productivity has seeped its way into popular culture and the workplace. Sites like LifeHacker, and slews of new apps to simplify and synergize your calendar with your email, which then syncs up with your pedometer, that finally beeps to let you know it is time to stand up and have a stretch can be overwhelming.

The idea of having the tools to be more productive is empowering. We want to overhaul our routines and see results right away, but become frustrated when we set ourselves up for failure. How can we integrate these tools in a tangible and sustainable way?

The answer is slowly, steadily, and one step at a time.

Something that has been working for me (for three months and counting!) is an application called the Tomato Timer.

Tomato Timer

The average attention span can focus 100% on a task for about 25 minutes. Research shows that the best workflow for most people is to work for 25 mins, then take a 5 minute break to avoid burning out or overlooking important details.

Additionally, if you are a morning person (like me), complete the dreaded tedious tasks in the morning when you are at your best. Powering through these first thing will give you the motivation you need to tackle more difficult tasks before lunch, and prevent the dread of procrastination later in the afternoon when you crash.

If you are not a morning person, apply this strategy to the time of day where you feel the most motivated and can quickly knock out clearing that inbox, scheduling those meetings, or writing that blog post you have been procrastinating for a week or so. (This may or may not be an anecdotal circumstance.)

What other applications do you use to keep you on track? Tell me about your favorite productivity apps and routines in the comments.

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